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8th Grade Reading/Language Arts Classroom Procedures

Paige Adams-  conference time: 2:45p.m.-3:30p.m. or (teacher page) _____________________________________________________

Objective:  learn required curriculum for 8th grade Reading/Language Arts

Supplies:  2 folders, 1 (1 subject) spiral   (These items may be kept in my classroom.)


Upon entering the classroom

Enter in a mature manner, put your cell phone in the caddie, check the board for instruction, prepare your materials for class, and turn in/pick up make-up work if you were absent.


Classroom Behavior

Take responsibility for your own learning.

Be respectful of others and yourself.


Consequences of bad decisions: (weekly)

Each week, you will have a participation grade including, but not limited to, having your supplies, participating in class discussion, positive behavior, following instructions.  When you arrive on Monday, this grade is 100.  Each time you are not handling your business, the following will apply:

          1st time- warning (-20 points from weekly Participation Grade)

          2nd time- detention after school (-20 points from weekly Participation Grade)

          3rd time- parent contact (-20 points from weekly Participation Grade)

          4th time- office referral (-20 points from weekly Participation Grade)


If you are caught cheating, you will receive a “0” on the assignment, will be assigned detention, and your parents will be contacted.


Summative: such as tests, projects, reports, presentations, Reading                          Enterprise, Spiral- 60%

Formative: such as daily work, homework, class participation- 40%

Semester Tests- 1/7 of semester grade


Parent Portal is available to you and your parents.  Your grades will be updated every Monday.  If you ask me what your grade is, I will refer you to parent portal.  If you or your parent/guardian has concerns after checking parent portal, I will be happy to discuss those concerns. (Parents, please allow your child access to Parent Portal.  There is no way for them to manipulate their grades in Parent Portal.  It is a great way for them to keep up with their grades on their own.)


Homework:  Homework will be turned in on the given due date at the given time. If you do not have homework ready to turn in at that time, you will finish the assignment (possibly missing the next instruction) and will be assigned detention to get caught up. The assignment will be due the next day with the highest possible grade being a “70”.  If, for some reason, the work is still not turned in, you will earn a “0” for the homework, and your name will be turned in to Mr. Cates office regarding Saturday School.


Saturday School: This is an addition to our campus to help students who have trouble getting their homework turned in on time. When a teacher feels a student is not handling his/her homework responsibilities, that teacher will turn the student’s name in to Mr. Cates. When the student’s name has been turned in three times campus wide, that student will be required to attend Saturday School. Saturday School will be held one Saturday per month from 7:00a.m. to 12:00p.m.


Make-Up Work

When you return from an absence, pick up make-up work from me. From that date, you will have two days for every day you were absent to get the work turned in. You are certainly welcome to come in for tutorials if there is something you don’t understand. If the work isn’t made up within the time allotted, you will earn a “0” for the assignment.



If you make below a 70 on an assignment, and I feel that you gave your best effort on that assignment, you may come to tutorials to correct that grade for a 70.



If I cannot read your handwriting on an assignment that is to be turned in, I will return the assignment to you, and you will rewrite it legibly turning it in the next day for a grade.  If the assignment is not turned in and written legibly at that time, you will earn a “0” on that assignment.


Tutorials: If you do not have your goal for Reading Enterprise or are not very close to having your goal one week before the due date, or I feel that you are not understanding a concept well enough to move on, you will be required to attend tutorials. The details of the tutorials time will be worked out between you and me when necessary.



E-Notes:  This year Panhandle ISD is using E-Notes as a form of communication with parents and students.  You can sign up for emails and/or texts on the Panhandle ISD website.  On the home page there is a sign up for district information on the bottom right hand side.  I have listed the steps to sign up for my classes where you can receive information specific to my class.
          1.  On the Panhandle ISD website, under “Schools”, select “Panhandle Junior High       School”.
          2.  From the Junior High page, select Junior High School “Faculty Directory”.
          3.  Click on “View Website” under my name.
          4.  Fill in your information in the “Sign up for E-Notes” in the top left.
          5.  You will need to select the applicable class periods under the E-Note selection.


I know that you are ready to be positive leaders on this campus and that you are ready to take responsibility for your own learning. Have a great year!  Use the gifts you’ve been given to serve others!


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