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Welcome to our 4th grade Reading and Social Studies Classroom!

Mrs. Roberts and I had the opportunity this summer to pack over 1,000 sack lunches in Amarillo and then go on a 3 hour bike ride to deliver the lunches to children in the area! Talk about tired, but we had fun doing what we love, taking care of kids!


This summer all the teachers were busy LEARNING!! Mrs. James and I spent a week in Houston two summers ago for teacher trainings last summer learning new ways to teach! Another new thing we got to learn was how to buy fresh fish in a fish market! 



One of my favorite things to do, especially in summer is READ! I read 5 chapter books this summer. How many books did you read this summer? Vote on my web poll at the TOP RIGHT of the page to let me know how many books you read this summer!





Click on the picture above to order books for your students at the Scholastic Book Club. Every book ordered using class code MK4M3 will help to order more books for our class library! Order forms will be sent home every month. Thank you!





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