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Debbie Jones

6th  Grade Mathematics Syllabus

Phone: 537-3541 (work)


Conference period:   2:45 – 3:30

Course Objectives:  The students are expected to master the 6th grade Mathematics TEKs and perform satisfactorily on the state mandated STAAR test.

Unit 1: Equivalent Forms of Fractions, Decimals and Percents

Unit 2: Ordering Fractions, Decimals and Integers                                                                 

Unit 3: Operations with Positive Fractions and Decimals

Unit 4: Operations with Integers

Unit 5: Proportional Reasoning with Ratios and Rates

Unit 6: Equivalent Expressions and One-Variable Equations

Unit 7: One Variable Inequalities

Unit 8: Algebraic Representations of Two-Variable Relationships

Unit 9: Geometry and Measurement

Unit 10: Data Analysis

Unit 11: Personal Finacial Literacy

Classroom Rules: 3Rs

  1. Be respectful of the teacher, other adults, other students, and yourself.
  2. Be responsible for your own actions.
  3. Be responsive to learning.

Discipline:  Discipline will mainly be handled in the classroom.  If a student is corrected for behavior multiple times during the same class period, then he/she will be assigned after-school detention.  After-school detention will be from 3:30-4:00 in my classroom and can be served on the day given or the following day unless other arrangements need to be made.  If after-school detention is assigned on Thursday or Friday, it will be served the following Monday.  If a student receives 3 days of after-school detention in a six weeks period, he/she will receive an office referral.

Grading Policy

            60% Summative Grades Category (unit tests, projects, etc.)

            40% Formative Grades Category (homework, participation,  daily grades, etc.)

Late or Make-up Work:

            Homework is due the next day unless I tell the students otherwise.  There will be times when I give homework packets, and the students will have two days to complete.  If it’s not turned in on time, students will have lunch detention and it is due (finished) the next day with 10 points deducted for being late.  If it is still not finished, the student needs to finish it with me during lunch or after school with the highest possible grade being a 70.  If it is not finished after two days, the student will receive a 0.  When we have homework, I will send out a message through E-Notes. 

             Corrections will be allowed on an individual basis.  It will be the student’s responsibility to ask and, if allowed, the corrections will be made during tutorials after school or during class make-up time.

     Make-up work will be the student’s responsibility.  If a student knows he/she will be absent, please see me the day before and I’ll give the make-up work.  If the absence is unexpected, see me after school (in class if time) the next day for the work.  Students will have two days to make up the missed work for an absence.  If a student is absent 3 days or more, he/she will have 1 week to complete the work.

Tutorials will be available when needed.

            Notify (Formally ENotes):  I will use Notify as a form of communication with parents.  You can sign up for  texts on the Panhandle ISD website.  I will use E-Notes to send texts as a reminder for homework.  I have listed the steps to sign up for my classes where you can receive information (homework assignments) specific to my class.

1.  On the Panhandle ISD website, under Schools select Panhandle Junior High School

                2.  From the Junior High page select  Junior High School Faculty Directory

                3.  Click on View Website under  my name

                4.  Fill in your information in the Sign up for Notify (It may still say ENotes) in the top left

                5.  You will need to select which class period under the Notify selection that your child is enrolled

If you would like me to enroll you for my class, please send me your cell number that you would like me to use.  I will have the students sign up at school so they can receive reminders if they have a phone.

Name:  ________________________  Phone #: ____________________________



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