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Student Pics

  • Using Popplet to show what we know in Ms. Cates' 7th grade math class
  • T-charts learning strategy in Mrs. Sloan's BCIS class
  • Order Up in Mrs. Durst's class who are reading Rumplestilskin
  • Using iPads with Fact/Fib in Mrs. Mittlestet's  Spanish class.
  • Frayer Model in Mrs. Bradford's Dollar and Sense class.
  • Order up story sequence in Mrs. Dutcher's class
  • Order UP while studying electrical circuits in Mrs. Roselius's room
  • 1st graders using Hoola Hoops for Venn Diagrams in Mrs. Barker's room after studying force.
  • Mrs. Beck's students using the Frayer model to reinforce vocabulary.
  • Inside Out strategy in Mrs. Pohlmeier's class
  • T charts in Mrs. Fulce's class comparing the physical and human characteristics of the 13 colonies.