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  Welcome to Panhandle ISD" Home of the Panthers".  Panhandle ISD is a high performing district in the Panhandle of Texas.  We absolutely have the best kids in the state of Texas.  We  have dedicated administrators and great teachers who love and care about the students in our district. The core business of Panhandle ISD is curriculum and instruction.  We believe that 'teaching and educating kids creates other professions" and we have a " sense of urgency" about doing everything we can to help our students be successful.

Even though our core business is curriculum and instruction, we believe in educating the" whole child".  If curriculum and instruction is the heart of our school district then all the extracurricular activities are the soul.  Our students don't just particpate but are champions in band,athletics,UIL academics,OAP, Ag and many other activities. 

With each year comes a new set of expectations and I know that our faculty and students are up for the challenge.  We invite you to visit your child's school and we welcome you as a partner in educating the students of our district.  Our website provides information about the many programs at Panhandle ISD as well as many of the highlights that we see everyday.

Thank You

Blair Brown

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